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Disney Advent Calendar

Count Down to Christmas with Disney Advent Calendar Products

The holidays are here and it is time again for your children to start counting down to Christmas day with a Disney advent calendar. The Disney brand has long been popular with kids due to their wide variety of delightful characters that have appeared in its movies, starting with 1937’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarves all the way to 2011’s Cars 2. The combination of the joy of opening a new window everyday from December 1 to 24 with the uncovering of a Disney character greatly enhances children’s enjoyment of the advent season. There are even online Advent calendars that allow children to click on the date to uncover a new character as well as a surprise such as a joke or a funny quip.

There is a wide variety of Disney advent calendar products available that you can choose from, depending on your child’s favorite Disney character. The good thing about these products is that they are not tied to any particular year, meaning that they can be reused or passed on to younger children who may not yet have used the Advent calendar to count down to Christmas. Many of these Advent calendars also have additional features such as sound effects to enhance the experience of opening the windows or are on magnetic boards that come with a special magnet that the child can put on the date to mark it.

One of the most popular advent calendars featuring Disney characters is likely to be the Hanging Mickey Wreath-Shaped Advent Calendar. While it may not have the fancy features of other Advent calendars, it is still very appealing because of its simplicity in that it effectively evokes the look of a Christmas wreath but in the shape of Mickey Mouse’s iconic ears. The calendar is made of durable felt in red and green Christmas colors and features colorful embroidered accents plus a green satin ribbon for hanging the Advent calendar at a favored place.

Best of all for your child, however, is that each pocket of this Advent calendar features a different Disney character, such as Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck, or Christmas symbol, like a snowman or candy cane, that he or she can discover. The ornaments can be attached to the wreath using the self-stick fabric closure or be used to decorate your Christmas tree. The simplicity of this Disney advent calendar product ensures that it will remain popular with your children year after year and will become a beloved part of your Christmas traditions.

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